Saturday, September 16, 2006

Your Cruel Teabags*

In accordance with the scriptures, the mighty Husky Rescue have at last recorded their fabulous languid Finnish electronica cover of Alice Cooper's 'Poison'!

Incontrovertible proof that God is in his heaven and all's right with the world!

Of course you should really be buying the single, because that way you also get the marvellous [Barley alert!] Kustaa Saksi cover design, but I can't let this pass without informing you that tip-top Texan mp3 blog The Rich Girls Are Weeping is giving it away, absolutely free, with this post! So haste ye over to see the rich girls while it's still available!

Over and out.

UPDATE: Husky Rescue now playing unexpected gig at London's toppest small venue the Luminaire in Kilburn, on Wed 11th October. Tickets £10. Woohoo! Anyone fancy it?

* Try and tell me that's not how the first line goes...


Tim Footman said...

"I want to hurt you just to hear you screaming my name."

A line that I still find deeply uncomfortable.

And what is the first line? I always thought it was "your cruel demise", but that doesn't make all that much sense either.

patroclus said...

Yes, I started off on some ramble about sadomasochism (and Anais Nin) but then fortunately remembered that's against my editorial policy. Good old editorial policy.

Although that line is missing from this version, so you can enjoy it with no loss of comfort!

The first line still sounds like 'teabags' to me, but according to the interthing, it's 'your cruel device'. Which doesn't make much sense either, as there's no decription of the device. Which is probably for the best.

BiB said...

That's lovely. I was bracing myself for a ghastly racket at the mention of Mr. Cooper, but this is bliss. Good old Finns. Excuse my dimness, but having visited the Husky Rescue website, should I believe that that is the voice of a man? Perkele! Would never have believed it!

BiB said...

I retract that perkele. Having explored the site a bit more, I see it's not all a one-man affair after all.

patroclus said...

No indeed, that's the lovely Reeta-Leena Korhola singing there. She's definitely a bird. One time I saw them, they also had a guitarist that looked like Johnny Depp (albeit with a curiously squashed face), so that was a special treat. He'd gone by last September, however. For shame!

smoo2 said...

Definitely agree with your translation of the first line, Patroclus. Perhaps they didn't agree with the flavour combination of the offered herbal tea. You know like camomile, mint and tomato ketchup flavour or something. Cruel is a bit harsh though.

Billy said...

I've never had cruel teabags. Ones that taste of sawdust yes, but not cruel.

You have an editorial policy?

patroclus said...

Perhaps when a lot of people come round for tea unexpectedly, and you find you only have one teabag left, you might be inclined to think of the absent teabags as cruel.

That's probably exactly what A. Cooper had in mind.

The editorial policy goes:

1. No sex.

2. No blogging when depressed.

Otherwise anything goes, but somehow I doubt you'll see me landing a juicy book deal...

Billy said...

I'm going to have to get myself an editorial policy - prefarably one that can be applied retrospectively.

Love the Husky Rescue.

Spinsterella said...

OK - I can't listen to stuff on t'interweb but I'm figuring out that it's some Scandi band I've never heard of doing a cover of Alice Cooper's Poison?

(Before I made the A.C. connection I was finding that lyric Tim mentioned quite, um, well I liked it.)

BTW - my editorial policy is:

No Family Stuff

patroclus said...

>>some Scandi band I've never heard of doing a cover of Alice Cooper's Poison<<

An eerily accurate assessment, Spin. An excellent cover, too, although as it belongs in the 'fey electronica' (or as muso types seem to want to call it, 'downtempo') category, it may not be your cup of tea.

'No family stuff' is a good one. I'll only write about family stuff when it's a) innocuous and b) funny (at least to me), but that's only because my family read this blog now.

Hmm, it would be interesting to know what other people's editorial policies are. Like Tim has 'no personal stuff'.

entropy said...

I find the Husky Rescue version more disturbing than the original. And I thought it was device in the sense of "plot or plan to achieve something (especially clever or dishonest)". Sung in a Penelope Pitstop way (de-vahss) it seems quite fitting.