Monday, December 18, 2006

Three Monkeys

Here are three songs with 'monkey' in the title, hand-picked from my enormous archive of monkey-themed songs.

In true local radio stylee I'm dedicating these to LC, because he needs his mind taking off things, and songs about monkeys are just the thing, I reckon. But everyone else please do feel free to dig in too.

Barry Adamson - The Monkey Speaks His Mind (m4a) - [Buy from Amazon]
Sinister, growly jazz noir, with lyrics I'm not sure I want to listen to all that closely. And screaming. Lots of terrible, anguished screaming, of the sort that you might hear echoing around the Italian marble walls of the loos in Cipriani. Brilliant.

Not sure who - Monkey Gone To Heaven (mp3)
Ahh, the Pixies were great, weren't they? Of course, they would have been even better if they'd booted out Frank Black and drafted in Frank Sinatra. Wouldn't they?

The Emperor Machine - Monkey Overbite (mp3) - [Buy from Amazon]
It's all about epic psychedelic space disco for winter 06-07, kids, and here is a fine example of the genre. I heartily advise you to pull on your silver platform moonboots, project some swirly lava shapes on to what's left of your specialist-polished plaster walls, and get down.

BONUS NON-MONKEY-RELATED TRACK, as requested by Aimee:

Don't know who this is either - Wave Of Mutilation (mp3)

Next up: five songs about axolotls, hand-picked from my enormous archive of axolotl-themed songs.


LC said...

Monkeys! Thanks P, I feel better already. Monkeys are like nature's Prozac.

Anonymous said...

I'm just hanging on for the axolotls

Tabby Rabbit said...

Ahh, the Pixies. So good in Brixton and so souless when seen in Alexandra Palace...

Any songs with rabbits in them? That Chas'n'Dave classic springs to mind: with the fabulous line: 'You've got more rabbit than Sainsbury's, why don't you give it a rest'?

patroclus said...

'Whole Axolotl Love'


patroclus said...

TR: I can do rabbit-themed stuff. Specifically rabbit albums (Jenny Lewis's 'Rabbit Fur Coat', Hem's 'Rabbit Songs', both lovely). And Chas 'n' Dave, of course.

I'll pencil in rabbits for after the axolotls.

Annie said...

But but but - what about Hey Hey We're the Monkees?

Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except for Me and My Monkey?

Ape Man (the Kinks)?

And, of course, songs from the Monkey (Japanese TV) programme:

patroclus said...

These are all excellent suggestions*, Annie, but sadly none of them were in my enormous archive of monkey-themed songs. In fact the only other one that *was* in my - ahem - enormous archive was 'Monkey' by Low, but that was a useless m4p, from the days when I used to actually buy stuff from iTunes. Great song though.

*Well, I assume they are - I'm not entirely sure what 'Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except For Me And My Monkey' is.

Billy said...

If man is 5, then the devil is 6!

Oooh, great stuff. Monkeys rule.

Tim Footman said...

'Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except For Me And My Monkey' is by an obscure 60s quartet called the Beatles. It's has the longest title of any song they recorded.

It's about drugs.

Valerie said...

I probably shouldn't admit that "Whole Axolotl Love" made me laugh out loud. (Well, kind of bark, really. That's probably more information than you needed.)

I am always mixing up "Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except For Me And My Monkey" with "Everybody Loves Me, Baby (What's the Matter With You?)". The titles, anyway. The latter is Don McLean and every bit as bad as you imagine.

What about the Butthole Surfers? There's "The Lord is a Monkey," and, even better, "Dracula from Houston": 'Gotta meet the plane so I can get my monkey/Teach him to be cool, but a little bit funky/'

Valerie said...

Damn it. "Monkey Gone to Heaven" really irritated me at first, and then all of a sudden I realized I kinda liked it. Kind of Tom Jones gone surrealist.

patroclus said...

Tim: Ahh, the Beatles, eh? I really should listen to some of their stuff.

Valerie: I woke up thinking 'Axolotls Will Happen' by Elvis Costello. I'm not convinced about that Monkey Gone To Heaven one, but I like the Wave Of Mutilation one in the style of the Bee Gees.

PEANUT said...

the ape is not a munkle, it is an ape

#4 in a series of some

Spinsterella said...

The Inspiral Carpets have a song called (I think) 'Monkey on my Back is Bleeding'.

My sister informs me that for years after Madchester died on its arse the singer was to be found hanging round in Afflecks Palace (alternative clothes/music/hippy bollocks emporium) in Manchester with a big 'NoticeMe' head on him.

He's probably still there.

patroclus said...

Clint Boon. I think my esteemed colleague Sean is his official biographer or something, so he would know. And actually, didn't Tim write a book about the Inspiral Carpets?

I could be wildly wrong on both fronts, mind.

Betty said...

Echo And The Bunnymen have a song called Monkeys, and The Specials covered a Toots And The Maytals song called Monkey Man. See, that's more my sort of era. I was born in 1907.

Preston from the Ordinary Boys looks like a monkey.

chuffy! said...

There's 'Mickey's Monkey'. In fact, there are dozens of 60s soul tracks involving monkeys, given that to teenagers it was surely the most entertaining of the whole "do the monkey/do the swim/do the fly" land of a thousand dances. Except the mashed potato. Ah...the mashed potato.

There's an Axolotl Coffee in Brazil.

patroclus said...

Never mind Betty, there's that telegram to look forward to.

Axolotl coffee! That's even better than BiB's unidentified squirrel coffee, which may also be Tim's Kopi Campuran. Must go to Brazil immediately.

There's the Bees' 'Chicken Payback': 'do the monkey, see the monkey, pay the monkey baaaaaaack'. But I couldn't count that because sadly there's no monkey in the title.

Billy said...

Isn't there that Japanese guy called Cornelius? Does he count?

Spinsterella said...

Whyohwhyohwhy is it, that when I have several of the aforementioned songs in my collection, that the only one that sprung to mind was the effortlessly tragic Inspiral frigging Carpets?

Anyhow, that Clint Boon, he got quite foxy once he got rid of the silly hair.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, please link us to the Bee Gees style Wave of Mutilation! It sounds like it'd be fabulous, in every true sense of the word.

TR, were they really so souless? I only saw them at Brixton. Sounds like I should be highly glad I did..

Anonymous said...

Great stuff!

Can we have one on songs about fish?

I'll kick things off....

Salmon Chanted Evening
There's A Plaice For Us
Trout Of Time



patroclus said...


Whale Meat Again

Note to self: a whale is not a fush, it is a mammule.

Tim Footman said...

Cod Only Knows


Flounder The Bridge

Stickleback For Good

And some sole music. With a good bass line.

(I did not write a book about the Inspirals. Sorry.)

Tim Footman said...

But I do know that Clint Boon was the organist. The singer was Tom Hingley.

Tim Footman said...

Return Of The Mackerel.

Gonna Make You A Starfish.

Sorry, these are all completely out of tuna. I need a herring aid.

patroclus said...

Yes, it seems I'm not doing all that well today on the factual accuracy front.

Bravo on the song titles!


A Child And His Prawnmower

Oh, a prawn isn't a fish, is it? I give up.

belladona said...

Oh dear god, you've descended to the level of museum workers. We have huge lists like this in the museum diary.
Anyway, back to what I was intending to say.


Betty said...

All hail the museum workers! Nothing wrong with being a museum worker!

Bream A Little Bream Of Me - The Mamas And Papas

Just Pike Heaven - The Cure

Carps - Gary Numan

I'm Breaming Of A Whitebait Christmas - Bing Crosby

patroclus said...

All hail the museum workers indeed! Guardians of our cultural heritage, interpreters of the past, comedy re-arrangers of letters on menu boards, shakers of hands using broken-off statue arms cunningly concealed up their sleeves...

...or at least that's what it used to be like when I worked in one. Glad to know that nothing much has changed. I'd go back to museuming any day.

Betty: on the patented My Mum Laughometer Test, you've just steamed straight into the lead with I'm Breaming Of A Whitebait Christmas.

patroclus said...

Get Out Of My Breams (Get Into My Carp) by Billy 'Plenty More Fish In The' Ocean

chuffy! said...

This is just a case of tempura's new clothes.

james henry said...

The letters on the door what was the Green Wing office now reads 'Gree Wan(ers' which confuses me, because if you're going to go and get a '(' and an 'a' and another 'r', you may as well get a 'k' while you're there.

Museum workers are lovely, even the ones who shout at me, although to be fair they usually have just cause.

Tim Footman said...

In fact, to take this back to where we came in, how about Monkfish Gone To Heaven by the Pikeys?

Tim Footman said...

Wake Up, Little Sushi?

(It's a slow day.)

frangelita said...

I think I may have the definitive list of monkey songs.

Oh yeah.

Anonymous said...

Got to pick you up on Whale Meat Again, Pat.

Real song, real album, by Jim Capaldi out of Traffic.

patroclus said...

Sassen frassen Jim Capaldi, messing up my quality jokes. In an effort to think of something to replace it, all I could come up with was:

Anemone's Too Tight To Mention by Simply Red Snapper

And now I have an image of Mick Hucknall stuck in my head.

Oh no, it's getting worse! Quick, must think of something else!

Welcome, though, Lucien. I think I forgot to say that.

Also, Billy: Cornelius? Japanese? What? Suddenly I don't understand anything any more.

Frangelita: That is a very good list of monkey songs, but it is by no means exhaustive. I think the only one from this thread that's mentioned on it is 'Ape Man', and as PEANUT pointed out, an ape is not a munkle it is an ape. Unless it's an Italian ape, in which case it's a bee.

*goes to lie down*

Anonymous said...

There is a song by Patti Smith which may or not be called Spacemonkey which ends with some pretty wild monkey noises by her. Could cheer anyone up!