Thursday, December 21, 2006

Monkey Songs Redux

(I don't even know what 'redux' means*; it just sounds good.)

Betty brought this one to my attention. Apparently it's *the* electro-house club anthem of 2006, but I wouldn't know about that, because I haven't been near a nightclub since that unfortunate incident with the angels and the ceiling and the TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE FEAR.

But it's by Justice vs Simian, and 'simian' means 'like a munkle', so it counts as a monkey song and is therefore relevant. And by crikey, it is ace.

Justice vs Simian - We Are Your Friends (mp3) - [Buy from Amazon]

If it doesn't put a stupid big grin on your face, I don't know what will.

Oh and there is quite a good video too, including some splendid slow-motion cat-jumping** action, but you will have to go to Betty's to see that, because we don't hold with nasty newfangled moving pictures here on the good ship Quinquireme.

* I don't know what 'gestalt' means, either.

** Not the same as 'cat wronging', for anyone here from the UKMHOF board.


Dave again said...

I don't have time to read the 38 comments on your previous post on this subject, but did anyone point out the group THe Monkees?

Before your time, I realise.

Valerie said...

I agree that it deserves a grin. Though if you think about it, it's actually fairly disturbing. Never be alone again? Yikes.

I am embarrassed to admit it, but I'm completely hooked on that swingy version of Monkey Goes to Heaven. I'm making everyone I know listen to it, which is not making them happy. At the end, I swear he says "Ladies and gentlemen, the Andrews Sisters!" But since two of them are dead now, I doubt it... Where on earth did you find it?

Anonymous said...

I'm dwelling in self admiration here! I must be the only reader to get the 'cat wronging' end note. Go me!

patroclus said...

Dave: Yes. It was Annie Slaminsky!

Valerie: If I had been feeling in a just slightly cheesier mood, I would have dedicated it to all my fellow bloggers and commenters, because, as the man memorably said at the social media conference I went to earlier in the year, 'blogging means you never have to be alone again'.

I have a very dim memory of finding both of those Pixies covers, alongside several others, somewhere on the site.

Prolix: Go you! You... you... cat-wronging-knower-abouter, you!

patroclus said...

Valerie: bing!

Valerie said...

*wow.* It really is Sinatra? Then maybe it really is the Andrews sisters. It must have been made in the very early 1990s...

That's a great site. Thanks for the pointer. Though that Matthew guy looks disturbingly like one of the great loves of my life, if he had been on Quaaludes (another great Q word) at the time...

patroclus said... is 'in the style of' Sinatra. More than that I don't know, I'm afraid.

Valerie said...

Ah yes, I can see by listening to the rest that they are "in the style of". Some of them are funny as hell, though.

I think maybe blogging means you never GET to be alone again... and I'm clearly part of the problem. Hrm.

Anonymous said...

You're just trying to wind me up with all this munkle talk.

Anonymous said...

Is that the video that won some award and annoyed some rapper?

patroclus said...

Valerie: I live in the middle of some vines in the middle of nowhere with only my 72-year old mum (and two cats that just turned up and decided they lived here) for company. If it wasn't for blogging I would be very much alone. So I wouldn't worry too much!

Albert: According to Technorati, 38% of all blogs are written by munkles primulates and gorillures.

Realdoc: Don't know I'm afraid - I don't go in much for moving pictures, and I don't know anything about what goes on in the world of pop music. Betty might know, though.