Sunday, March 12, 2006

Song Of The Week

Ahh, a fairly populist choice this time, but still utterly fantastic:

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Gold Lion

(mp3 courtesy of The Underrated Blog).

Turn volume all the way up to 11, play, enjoy (while trying to think about Siouxie Sioux rather than Gwen Stefani), repeat ad infinitum.


Dave again said...


Dave again said...

It's been playing for several hours now. Can I turn it off, please?

patroclus said...

Dave, I find your concept of infinity to be very conservative.

Dave again said...

Ah, well, I am very humble, you know. Infinity's not for the likes of me.

Sorry, I'm now playing Don McLean instead.

Betty said...

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs are a stonking good band. Mind you, it was bugging me that Karen O is a lookalike of someone else famous, and then recently it came to me. It's Pat Coombes, the comic actress.

Mind you, no one under 40 will know who Pat Coombes is, and no one over 40 will know who Karen O is.

*tiptoes away quietly*

Dave again said...

It's on my computer* playlist now, so if I promise to play it at least once every day, whilst writing my blog, will that count as ad infinitum?

*I don't have one of those white i-poddy things.

patroclus said...

Yes, that sounds like an acceptable compromise. You only really need to play it once a day until next Sunday, when I shall offer another sparkly musical chrysoprase from the Land of the Kids.

Or you might get Archer Prewitt again; I'm not sick of him yet.

Dave again said...

Good lord, I can't look as far ahead as next Sunday. I may be dead by then.

*wheezes off, coughing quietly to himself*