Friday, July 22, 2005

This Is What You Get

Well, it looks like I shall have quite a bit of time to myself over the next few weeks, which for a hopeless co-dependent (many thanks to Marie Claire for that assessment) like me is a terrifying prospect.

In fact I can't remember when I last spent any time by myself. At all. Unless you count having a bath. And even hopeless co-dependents can generally fend for themselves for short periods in the bathroom without crying, running away or embarking on an ill-advised relationship with Mande Lular or Mande Susu*.

Anyway, all being well I move into a very nice flat in Shepherd's Bush tomorrow, where I'll decide how I'm going to spend all this horrible, scary me-time.

I thought I could maybe ease myself into it gently by watching a number of Films I Inexplicably Cried All The Way Through The First (And Only) Time I Saw Them. A short and somewhat indiscriminate list that includes, and is in fact limited to, Amélie, Edward Scissorhands and, erm, The Two Towers. I'm sure this admission is going to earn me a stern telling-off from cello and Pashmina, who'd rather see me watching something a bit classier (all in good time, my friends!).

Then at some point I might buy some furniture. Unless you happen to be Ray Mears, there's only so long you can survive with nothing but a chest of drawers and a manky Victorian button-back armchair that a wayward family pet pissed on in 1986.

So there we have it. Buying furniture and watching films. Mmm, this is going to be great.

Sorry, this wasn't very funny, was it? Normal service etc. etc.

* Whoever they might be.


cello said...

You're never alone with a Strand - I mean, Marlboro Light. And there's always us. We're always around. If you're not careful I'll commandeer you to come and do some weeding in the cabbages.

And, what's all this about crying at films? Where's the frosty cyberangel gone? It's all coming out now isn't it? But 'Edward Scissorhands' is a very excellent film and if you're going to have to cry at something it's hard to beat Johnny Depp. Mind you, 'Charlie and The Chocolate Factory' looks like it might make us weep in a different way.

Save 'I Know Where I'm Going' for when you're snuggled up with someone on a rainy Sunday afternoon. That means you need to buy a sofa urgently. And a TV.

Herge Smith said...

I cried all the way through Two Towers - mind you, it was because I was busting for a pee and was terrified that I might give myself a bladder infection before we got to see something good happen.

I just watched My Neighbour Totoro and was watery eyed throughout.

Crying during a movie is terrific - and better in the flicks because no bugger can see you do it.

BiScUiTs said...

I always get so embarrassed when I cry at films, especially when no one else is crying. They must all have hearts of stone or something.

patroclus said...

Oh cello, the frost-covered robot angel has been shattered into a million shards by the um, ice-pick of, erm, emotional trauma. Or something. And I'd be only too delighted to weed the cabbage patch. A spot of hard labour would be good for me. Oh yes.

And a big welcome to Herge, too. Always a pleasure to see notable Bloggers of Quality round these 'umble parts.

Herge Smith said...


Just read your comment - 'notable Bloggers of Quality round these 'umble parts'...

you what? A couple of cartoons and some swearing does not quality make - but thanks anyway.

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