Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Yes, Well, I Spoke Too Soon, Didn't I

During our prolonged sojourn in the horrid prelapsarian Eden that is a home without broadband, the lovely Mr BC and I have been amusing ourselves in the only other way we know how: making compilation CDs.

This is a bit of a competitive activity in our household, as I refuse to admit that Mr BC has better music taste than I do, and every time I hear some fabulous tune he's unearthed from some impossibly cool mp3 blog, instead of enjoying it, I feel compelled to avenge the slight on my honour by discovering something EVEN MORE AMAZING.

Of course not having access to the internet makes this quite tricky, as it means I have to rely on finding stuff in my existing mp3 library that a) is AMAZING and b) neither of us has heard before.

It's not going too badly so far, as the two below offerings should attest, but if BT keep arsing about for much longer I'm going to have to start resorting to obscure album tracks from second-rate late-80s chamber pop bands, and that's not going to win any prizes.

Anyway here are two fabulous things I discovered, although I'm not sure whether the first one is actually fabulous or just two already-fabulous songs smooshed together:

Legion of Doom - Crazy As She Goes (mp3)

Black Grass featuring Dominique Noiret - Don't Leave Me This Way (mp3)*

In other news: Falmouth appears to be having a mini early-90s revival, if the music playing in its various wi-fi-enabled bars is anything to go by. I'm off to dig out my Carter USM t-shirt and order a pint of snakebite and black in celebration.

* Mr BC is now claiming he originally sent this one to me. Nice try.


Tim Footman said...


(Carter USM reference, not a personal slight upon your own svelte frame.)

But surely if it's 1991 redux, you should be making cassettes, with photocopy collages as covers?

And welcome back. Again.

patroclus said...

I was once physically mown down by the fat one from Carter USM, when I was backstage at the 1991 Reading Festival. Those were the days.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, Shellyan Orphan?


DavetheF said...

I can attest to your ingenious way with compilations. The Calexico sampler led to a few record shop visits

Annie Rhiannon said...

Oh, the days of compilation CDs. I made two to woo Bjarni. Coincidentally, he recently discovered a Carter USM album on my iTunes — he'd never heard them before and has been playing them ever since. It is weird to hear them again, I keep remembering Things That Happened at School.

GreatSheElephant said...

Oh dear. This broadband horror is making me very nervous about moving to Scotland, or possibly New Zealand.