Wednesday, December 19, 2007

No, Wait!

This always happens...the minute I decide I'm too miserable and self-conscious to blog, I always suddenly feel much better about it again, hurrah.

This miraculous turnaround is thanks to Miss Newham, whom I found via Beyceyar, whom I found via Miss-Cellany.

Miss Newham has a great meme - the Wikipedia Band Name Meme. You go to Wikipedia and click on 'random article' in the left-hand navbar, and the first article title is your band name. Then click 'random article' again, that is your album name. Then click 'random article' another however many times, and those are your album tracks.

Here are mine:

Band Name: Volksbank Beograd

Album Title: British Rail Class 325

Album Tracks:

1. Arbutus Pavarii

2. Andorra

3. Komorów, Świdnica County

4. Bonnerveen

5. Dianne Feinstein

6. Erica Carnea

7. Carroll Borland

8. Balochistan Forest Dormouse

9. Sopot

10. Shinobu

11. Gediminids

Hurrah, I have a 1980s industrial chamber pop band with fey indie overtones, and I am every bit as pretentious as I always knew I was!


Tim Footman said...

Mine just sounds like The Fall.

Valerie said...

I was going to say that you always have the durndest luck with this sort of thing, but then I got "Mawsonites" as a band name. Now that's a band I could get behind! Though the album name is "Rosa Schweninger" ...

Valerie said...

ooh and I love that there's a track on yours for Dianne Feinstein, who's on my political shitlist at the moment. That'll be the noisy track.

James said...

Artist: Balearic People's Union
Album: Pinnacles Provincial Park

3 Hit Singles:
Henry Hodges - A song about a young actor who goes on to star in a Broadway production of Mary Poppins.

Herzwerk - A song written in tribute to the self released album by German Industrial band Megaherz

Tired of Toein' the Line - A song written about keeping your mouth shut to appease other people.

I think I have a hit album on my hands!!!

Lorna said...

I have Kazuhiko Shimamoto, with his little-known concept album, Taikodom. His first single is, however, the unfortunately titled "Edward Gibson, 1st Baron Ashbourne". I fear the muse may have deserted him at that point...

Ooh - just tried again and got Naniken River by Bobtail Snipe Eel (single choice: "Persefone"). This is very satisfying indeed!

Oli said...

Selected tracks from the new album "Live in Detroit" by "Einstein, the Fiction":

Colourfulness, List of polytonal pieces, Rikuzen-Haranomachi Station, and the powerful ballad L'Est Républicain.

Billy said...

Aztec Lady "Flying, the Early Years"

(1) List of Tasmanian representative cricketers
(2) Joseph A Gringen
(3) Selina
(4) Goslingen, Luxembourg

patroclus said...

I have to say that I did cheat a bit with my band name, as the first one I got was 'List of Invader Zim Episodes'. But I'm very happy with Volksbank Beograd; it's wasted as a name for a bank, frankly.

Tim: Perhaps it's a Fall tribute band.

Valerie: Mr BC did an impromptu rendition of 'Dianne Feinstein' this morning, you'll be pleased to hear. And Mawsonites is very good, ven if the lack of a 'the' is terribly early-noughties.

James: You did very well there. Although I'm starting to suspect that this is how Sufjan Stevens actually does choose his album and song titles.

Lorna: Ooh, now I really want to hear Bobtail Snipe Eel's album, I fancy it is a heart-tugging mixture of Appalachian porch blues and wistful electronica.

Oli: I'm not sure Einstein: The Fiction will be storming the charts with their Ryuichi Sakamoto/Philip Glass-inspired mélange, but if they're lucky they might end up on the soundtrack to Darren Aronofsky's next film.

Billy: I haven't seen such a rubbish set of track names since Elliott Smith's first solo album. It's almost as if Aztec Lady aren't trying *at all*.

9/10ths Full of Penguins said...

This is a good thing....

Here is mine:
Band Name: Fjalar
Album Name: 4th Infantry Division
Track Titles
1: Democratic Republic of the Congo
2: Fours
4: Cingulate Sulcus
5: Sohni Lag Di
6: Kora Kagaz
7: Reactivity Series
8: Clinchfield
9: Varfell
10: Transcendental

Fat Roland said...

Oh I love this.

Band Name: Camelot

Album Title: Ballast Tampar

Album Tracks:

1. Gavan O'Connor

2. The Locomotion

3. Tabor College Australia

4. Tlepsh

5. My American Cousin

6. Independiente de Bigand

7. Quitman, Arkansas

8. Haloperidol

Bonus Tracks:

9. 1898 in rail transport

10. List of Werner Herzog films

It's a geography themed album in true Sufjan Stevens style, with numbers 2, 4 and 8 as cover versions of, respectively, Kylie, Aphex Twin and Sigur Ros.