Monday, November 05, 2007

House For Sale, Languedoc, France

Public Service Announcement:

If anyone fancies (or knows anyone who fancies) buying a house in the lovely Languedoc region in the south of France, here's the ad for my place, which (as you can see) is on the market for 110,000 euros.

Tell all your friends!


Sylvia said...

Compact and bijou. Or is it bijou and compact?
It looks very nice. Habitable. No immediate work to do on it.

Let's not crush eachother in the stampede now.

GreatSheElephant said...


Dave said...

I'm pleased to see you don't have one of those 'this blog doesn't carry advertising' signs up.

Will you be posting a car boot sale style post shortly, for all those city things that don't fit into a Cornish lifestyle?

Oh, and changing the subject completely, I remembered where I got my muslin> After I'd washed the tomato stains out of it, and was ironing it (yes, I know, don't say anything) the round shape of it reminded me that it had come on top of a Christmas pudding. So not much help to you there, I'm afraid.

patroclus said...

You'll notice that French estate agents don't go in much for the sort of effusive flowery language that their British counterparts like to employ. 'Grenier état brut' is almost poetically abrupt. And there obviously wasn't room to spell out the full name of the village (Prades sur Vernazobre) that the house is near.

patroclus said...

That is very helpful actually, Dave - thanks!

Marsha Klein said...

Are you looking for muslin? john Lewis, or any department store that sells dressmaking fabrics, will have it. Over the years I've bought quite a lot for everything from christmas puddings to headdresses for the Virgin Mary (playgroup nativity play!)

patroclus said...

Thanks Marsha - I was looking for some muslin to strain the juice out of some ginger with, but I couldn't find any (mainly because I was looking in a hardware shop, it seems!)

Smat said...

I have loads of muslin squares if you still need one. Can't help with the house though, although it is very lovely

Lettuce Hater said...

what does it mean if one's roof is quasi-new??!!

sorry - can't stop laughing at your amended profile blurb!

patroclus said...

The roof is ten years old, which I suppose is quasi-new given that the house itself has been there for a couple of hundred years.

No publishers have contacted me since I updated my profile, I'm disappointed to say. They'll be kicking themselves when I get abducted by the Owlman of Portreath and have to be rescued by Richard Gere. Think of the film rights!

Sylvia said...

Try Mothercare or anywhere that sells baby stuff. But then I suppose you have to buy a whole packet of muslin cloths.

If all else fails, there's Lakeland!

I would offer you some - but perhaps not, considering what they've had to deal with over the years......Marsha will know what I mean.

Lettuce Hater said...

i like it

think i'm going to make a point of using quasi-new on my next gumtree ad

"leather sofa, ikea, quasi-new, very good condition, buyer collects"


peter said...


it may be worth putting it in the free classifieds here : it may be worth posting this in the free classifieds here :

Bonne chance


patroclus said...

I shall do that, thanks very much Peter!