Thursday, November 08, 2007

Habitual Lack Of Forethought

One of my most vivid childhood (probably early teen) memories is of my Dad shouting at me for exhibiting a 'habitual lack of forethought'.

Even though about 25 years have gone by since then, I don't really think my capacity for forethought has improved any.

One indication is the fact that right in front of me is a whiteboard, which is divided up into three to-do lists: one for my current job, which I'm leaving at the end of the month; one for my new company, which starts trading on the 1st December (a Saturday, but I'm keen, and I've got a project to start with the Economist, which is terribly exciting for me because I like the Economist in the same sort of way that Apple fanboys like the iPhone), and one for The Big Move.

The first two lists are terribly busy and organised, with tick boxes that are progressively being ticked off, asterisks to denote urgent items, scrawled-on phone numbers, meeting appointments and exclamation marks.

The to-do list for The Big Move is a different story. It has one solitary item: 'Call Removals people'. This has a tick next to it, because I *have* called the removals people, on several occasions, to the extent that I'm now almost sure they're going to turn up next Friday and take all my stuff to Cornwall.

I think that a large part of my brain is actually convinced that I've now done everything I need to do to prepare for the move. A mild ripple of concern ruffled the stillness earlier when I suddenly half-remembered that normal people tend to make entire spreadsheets for moving house, but I managed to put it to the back of my mind. I've called the Removals people, after all. Everything will be just fine.


Sylvia said...

It'll all be fine! You've moved so much before, you're probably doing all the preparation in your sleep!

Good luck with everything! It'll be wonderful.

devolutionary said...

Suggest cancelling your utilities well in advance.

At least two of my suppliers charged me a 30-day fee for letting them know I was moving, which I did the day I moved. Not to mention any names, but one was definitely Virgin Media (formerly NTL). Bastards.

BiB said...

"A mild ripple of concern ruffled the stillness earlier when I suddenly half-remembered that normal people tend to make entire spreadsheets for moving house..." I'm sure that's not true, so give yourself a tick on the back for having any lists at all. And a whiteboard. I'm also sure Sylvia is right on all counts. Good luck with it all.

rivergirlie said...

this reminds me very much of reading old school reports and seeing that the comments made by my teachers over the years would apply just as well now i'm a big grown up.
'could do better'
'needs more focus and organisation'
'if she spent as much time on her study as she does socialising ...'

plus ca change ...

Sylvia said...

Alas, I had very good school reports, and look where that got me!

Do let us know how you got on!

Nat said...

I am also a fan of the Economist. Although, I wouldn't stand in line for 24 hours to get it.

Arabella said...

It'll be fine. Remember revising for exams by highlighting important notes in yellow, then putting the papers away and going down the pub? I think you'll find it still works.

GreatSheElephant said...

Having a highly masculine brain, I am completely incapable of multi-tasking, something that is manifesting itself right now (AAAARRRGGGH). But you've made me want a white board really badly - I think this could sort it all out.

I actually do have a list to use when moving but I'm not altogether sure where it is.