Thursday, August 09, 2007

The One Where I Had To Work Late

What I am supposed to be doing tonight: having dinner in a swanky Notting Hill eaterie with the lovely cello, the lovely Pashmina, the lovely Mr BC, some other lovely Green Wing writers and a multi-multi-multi-multi-millionaire* Hollywood writer-producer, who might also be lovely, but I don't know that, and neither am I going to know at this rate.

What I am actually doing tonight: sitting at my desk, editing a catalogue of IT companies.

It doesn't help that I am doing this by means of an online editing system that I only learned how to use this morning:


ME (on phone to helpdesk man in Holland): I can't make it make a bullet point.

HELPDESK MAN: Yes. Have you tried clicking the 'bullet point' button?

ME: I can't see a bullet point button. It's all in such a tiny window.

HELPDESK MAN: Yes. Have you tried clicking the 'maximise window' button?

ME: Oh look, a bullet point button!

And I was planning on gleaning an entire year's worth of insider Hollywood gossip from this evening's bash as well. Oh well. Instead, stand by for a series of tutorials on bolding and indenting text. Don't say I don't bring you all the best content.

ALSO: All this stuff about how Facebook is killing blogging is making me want to cry, and then punch Facebook REALLY HARD.

* 'Allegedly'.


BiB said...

Oh dear. Bad luck. Hope you managed to get away. Right, let's sabotage facebook somehow.

Valerie said...

Well, poo. I'm sorry you're not at that dinner. I still have hopes that you will turn up in hollywild at some point in the next year so's I can give you the proper insider tour of LA.

What dreadful program are you using? Contribute? Vignette? It sounds irritating.

Facebook is NOT killing blogging. (It is rather likely to kill Twitter, though. I will not mourn.)

patroclus said...

BiB: Sadly I was at work till 11.00, doing battle with 1.5 spaced 6pt Arial. But today I feel ready to smash up Facebook...or at least make some more friends on there...resistance is futile, etc.

Valerie: I've seen people blogging inside Facebook. It's a bit strange writing blog posts where no one can find them - it's like those stupid spiders that make webs in a cupboard. (Er, or maybe that is the point, hmmm.) I shan't miss Twitter either, but I shall look forward very much to the insider Hollywood tour!

Tim Footman said...

Facebook won't kill blogging. It may cream off those people who simply use their blogs as online what-I-did-on-my-holidays diaries that will probably only be of major interest to their friends and family. But if you're prepared to chuck your crumbs onto a bigger pond, blogging will last.

(Of course, I still haven't joined up to Facebook, so I may have got completely the wrong end of the poke, as it were...)

patroclus said...

Tim: Funnily enough, that's what my alter ego thinks, too. I'll be interested to see how long you can hold out against the lure of Facebook, though - I've succumbed to it twice now.

Betty said...

Facebook seems to be a place where people socialise with friends (can't they do that in the real world any more?) and ... er, I don't really know anything else about it, couldn't be bothered to find out.

There seem to be a lot of people who have to flit from one new networking site to another ... "ooh, must join MySpace! Gosh, everybody is on Twitter!" Perhaps Facebook will just be replaced by another five day wonder.

... but then I wouldn't know, because I haven't bothered to find anything out about Facebook!

GreatSheElephant said...

ayayayay - priorities, woman

Twitter will be no loss. I really must join Facebook.

James said...

What a nice ickle post Patroclus.

The telephone conversation really made me laugh and I have to agree with Tim re Facebook only creaming of the 'today I did this' bloggers.

Saying that I have yet to sign up to facebook although I have had a little poke around, but you don't get very far without signing up.

Albert said...

Facebook is great for people like me who can't be arsed writing in a blog that often, but who occasionally want to share some random incident, ask people a question, or get into a vicious debate about smoking.

I've been reading the same four or five blogs for years now. I occasionally skim through the other blogs linked on my friends' blogs, but never find anything interesting enough to make me return again and again. I think this is because I am only really interested in reading personal information about people I know, or those I know something about, which is another reason why Facebook works so well - it 'limits' you to only finding out stuff about people you're already interested in. At first, I thought this was a downside; now I see that it's not at all.

Annie said...

Aw. Just like Cinders. I hope Mr BC brought you back some cake.

rivergirlie said...

booo - yet at the same time hooray for your will power. i'd have been out that door in short order, i'm afraid. and that is why i don't have a sensible job.

i suspect facebook is like crocs or possibly crystal meth. one of those things you swear you'll never get into ... until you do

Lorna said...

I'm rather disgruntled with Facebook, or rather, like Jeeves, not exactly gruntled. It's all very well and good in itself but, as Betty says, it really just seems to be about socialising with your friends, which can just as well be done three dimensions. And it takes up so much time! All the other student librarians seem to hang out there discussing stuff (cataloguing standards, MARC21 or XHTML, probably), but when I log into my account I spend hours replying to piles of old messages when I've already seen the people who wrote them. Mind you, I'm not exactly a high-quality blog writer either, so who am I to complain?

Sorry about your missed dinner and the tiny fonts...

cello said...

It's a wheat/chaff, men/boys thing*, surely. Speaking as a chaffy, boyish thing.
As for last night, you'd have hated it.

*See also quality/quantity.

Boz said...

Am totally late to the party - BUT - I just wanted to say (Miss! Please! Miss me Miss Miss!) that I reckon Facebook will in the long run far imporve the quality of blogging; it'll weed out all those fly-by-night non-hardcore bloggers).

Besides. Everyone gets bored of useless applications like aquariums, rate-my-Granny games and such before long. Factoid.