Saturday, August 11, 2007

And Thrice Bah

What I am supposed to be doing this weekend: going to Canterbury, dining by the sea with some staff and alumni of Britain's most creatively fecund chain bookshop, staying in a fancy hotel, relaxing.

What I am actually doing this weekend: sitting at my desk, editing a catalogue of IT companies.

Still, I can do bullet points now.

UPDATE: All this has possibly been made worthwhile by the fact that the catalogue includes the word 'dramaturgy', a word which has surely never before been uttered in the entire history of the enterprise software industry.

(I excised it immediately, to avoid putting fanciful notions into the heads of the fortysomething Home Counties-dwelling golf enthusiasts who make up 99% of the industry in the UK, like when my parents banned me from watching The Kids From Fame in case it made me want to run away from home and become a dancer.)


cello said...

Now that is shit.

patroclus said...

It's OK, it turns out there was less to do than I thought. Off to get the train now, tra-la.

Billy said...

When I last went to Canterbury, there were million of French school children wreaking havoc.

I did find the best record shop ever which had, amongst others, sections marked "Lo-Fi, US" and "Lo-Fi, UK". I may or may not have squealed with excitement upon seeing them.

Paul Pennyfeather said...

Billy- Sorry Richard's records has closed, it is now a low rent cafe.

Canterbury's loss was made good by seeing Patch in person. However she did not dispense lo-fi to the silent and needy populace, we had to make do with her witty and erudite conversation and the Cat telling us about weigh-bridges.

Billy said...

Paul P - I'm very impressed you knew where I was talking about from that description. I can't believe it's gone though... *runs off to cherish lo-fi records*

patroclus said...

The comics shop is still there, though. As is Games Workshop. But the lego displays that were once set into the floor of Fenwicks have gone.

(I know all about the sights and attractions of Canterbury now.)

PP it was lovely to see you, and I had a splendid time. And I also slept in the biggest bed I've ever seen. It was a great weekend, all things considered.