Sunday, February 11, 2007

Ask The Audience, Part 2

Despite my best efforts, nothing in the least bit interesting has happened* in the last few days, so I find myself at a loss for something to blog about.

I think I can get away with this once a year, and last year your suggestions kept me going for just about the whole of March. So I think it's time once more to ask you lovely people: what should I blog about next?

* To give you an idea, highlights of the past week include:

1. Slight mauling at hands (or rather, teeth) of large Rottweiler.

2. Re-installed

3. Ate trifle for first time since 1982.

4. While strolling among the vines, acted out scene from World of Warcraft, which resulted in second slight mauling, this time by an Alsatian.

5. Got rash on face, not sure how. Possibly transferred by Rottweiler or Alsatian during episode of slight mauling.

6. Wrote a shopping list, went to supermarket. Omitted to take list out of back pocket during shopping trip. As a result, failed to purchase Twinings Earl Grey tea bags.

7. Drank a lot of Liptons Russian Earl Grey, which is horrid.

So as you can see, I need help.

UPDATE: Although I *did* listen to Loganoc's Saturday afternoon radio show, 'Twee as Fork', which was ace, as she played a nice song by Elliott Smith and that CSS song that I like.


Spinsterella said...

'My Raving Years'

Billy said...

More about those bathrooms that require software.

I would say more filth, but you would be justified in ignoring that.

orange anubis said...

I think it'd be perfectly justified to get a post out of your thoughts on trifle after all this time. I don't come here just to read about nostalgic foodstuffs, though, honest!

patroclus said...

Spin: I would do that, but I'm not sure there's anything left over that I didn't already say in this post. But if I think of anything else I'll write it, also because it will give me a great excuse to put up an illicit mp3 of Hardfloor's 'Hardtrance Acperience'.

Billy: Only a true toilet scientist would come up with a suggestion like 'bathrooms that require software'. I'm not writing any more filth, though, so software-powered bathrooms it might have to be.

Anubis: Trifle, hmm. I could do a post about trifle. Hmm.

Ooh, I like this - it's like a proper writing workshop!

Loganoc said...

I feel quite embarrassed that you listened to what was probably our worst, most disorganised show yet. The music was obviously great as always but we played the wrong track off the CD at least 3 times, and I was in a mood so not much exciting chat happened. And Patrick was messing around on the internet most of the time. Anyway, thanks for the plug!

patroclus said...

Well I liked it very much, and I shall listen again next week, so there.

Spinsterella said...

Ah, but I think we need to know more about those silver hotpants.

Interpreter Pavlov said...

Yes, hear hear to Orange Anubis (Are you any relation to Frisky Miss Whisky?)

Let's hear more about trifle. Lots more.

violetforthemoment said...

I find the double mauling quite intriguing. Does that make me a sociopath?

Matt said...

If you're really stuck, you could do the "people have found this blog by searching on Google for..." post. Everyone seems to think that this is a cop-out but I always find these ones hilarious.

Otherwise, I always find a "top 10" is a good way to conjure up a post from thin air.

Failing that, more on the raving days, trifle or teabags would do just nicely.

tom said...

You might find this interesting - - spockosbrain is a blog that has recently gained some notoriety in the San Francisco Bay Area by taking on some local right-wing radio shock jocks. He has sent audio clips of their rants to sponsors, and asked them if they knew what they were sponsoring. Several major companies have since pulled their ads from the station. This use of blogging raises some interesting questions, some of which he discusses in the link above

tom said...

sorry, the entire link should be here

LC said...

If you're at a loss for something to write, I can heartily recommend interviewing a random person off your blog-roll.

Tim Footman said...

You could indeed interview a random person off your blogroll, provided that person wears a bikini.

Lipton's tea is dreadful isn't it? It's the default black tea in Bangkok supermarkets. You can sometimes get Tetley, but you have to go to a specialist place. Or pay well over the odds for Waitrose or M&S.

Anyway, I want to know about your 25 trifle-free years. Isn't it one of the major food groups, and people can suffer horrible deficiency diseases if they don't consume it on a regular basis? Or is that tomato soup?

Billy said...

If my maths is correct I think the number of trifles I've eaten in my life is well into three figures.

Billy said...

...oh and the radio show, how twee is it?

patroclus said...

Billy: it is twee 'as fork'. I remember them playing Sufjan Stevens, Of Montreal, Wire, Strawberry Switchblade, the Pipettes (I think), plus the aforementioned Elliott Smith and CSS. Although Loganoc is slightly better placed to advise. It was great, anyway.

Looks like there's a post about trifle coming up. Don't touch that dial!

Loganoc said...

It is Twee as Fork, Tree as Folk, Tea as Milk. We forgot to write down all the tracks last time but this is the listing from last week:
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Cheated Hearts
Clor - Love & Pain
Dan Sartain
Pavement - father to a sister of thought
Camera Obscura - Lloyd, I'm ready to be heartbroken
Lloyd Cole - Are you Ready to be heartbroken?
Mr Hudson & the Library - Too Late Too Late
Lemonheads - If I could talk I'd tell you
Pixies - broken face
Lauras - work it out
Poohsticks - On Tape
Little Eva - Locomotion
Architecture in Helsinki - Wishbone
Patrick Wolf - The Magic Position
Walkmen - Lost in Boston
CSS - Music is my hot hot sex
Earl Zinger - Song 2wo
The Vaselines - Son of a gun
Helen Love - Punk Boy
Bis - icky-poo air raid
Regina Spektor - Fidelity
Blur -
Death in Vegas - Hands around my throat
De La Soul - me myself and i
Beatles - Helter Skelter

Dave said...

Perhaps you could interview LC, with both of you in swimwear.

Sylvia said...

don't these stations play any Carpenters or Bacharach tunes? Am I alone here?
Oh, can we have more filth please? Anymore hallucinations lately?

patroclus said...

Sylvia: I checked my blogger's contract, and apparently I can only write filth once in every 500 posts. Whereas I can write about trifle and raving as often as I like.

Dave: I've already interviewed LC once, but neither of us was wearing swimwear at the time. That I'm aware of.

cello said...

I want to know whether the trifle you ate had been composed from those British ingredients you persuaded your local supermaket to stock; Bird's Custard Powder, Rowntree's Jelly Cubes, Lyons sponge biscuits, a tin of Baxter's raspberries and Nestle tinned cream.

Mind you,from your post it seems that the dogs have it.

patroclus said...

Lyon's Sponge Fingers! I'd forgotten about them! Sadly it was not; it was an impressive Franco-British hybrid composed of Proustian madeleines steeped in muscat, then Dalfour jam, Rowntree's jelly, some red fruits the provenance whereof I am not sure, Bird's custard, crème fraîche and hundreds and thousands.

Mmm, hundreds and thousands.

realdoc said...

How about Music is my Trifle. I recommend Delias christmas trifle with marmalade and caramelised oranges in it. Very yummy.

llewtrah said...

No doggy maulings for me, but I got loved by a scary looking Staffordshire Bull Terrier outside Mar-Mars on the Uxbridge Road. Luckily it was very, very friendly and just wanted to lean on me for a stroke. Phew.

patroclus said...

Realdoc: Hmm, you give me a fabulous idea!

Llewtrah: I think that sums up the general ambience of Uxbridge Road - seems scary, but is actually very friendly. Apart from that drive-by shooting there was that time. But hey, I've lived in Kentish Town - we used to get them all the time. Well, once.

violetforthemoment said...

James' post with the Hot Fuzz trailer leads me in a roundabout way to suggest 'What I Would Name My Guns and Why'. Actually, I may do that one myself...I'm not doing myself any favours on the 'not a sociopath' front here, am I?

belladona said...

Weird dreams you have had lately. Though this is a poor excuse to share last nights dream of a baby red squirrel that I found roaming my house and made a pet of. Aww. Maybe I should write on my own blog occasionally.

First Nations said...

i'm with spinsterella. 'my raving years', please.

also more about the fornasetti dirigibles.

Arabella said...

I'm with Realdoc reg. the Delia orange trifle - did it for Christmas year before last.
Your 'hands across the channel' trifle sounds fab. So, er, more trifle please.
The Husband warned me about Liptons tea here in America but nothing quite prepares one for the horror.

GreatSheElephant said...

I really like Liptons yellow label tea

patroclus said...

Well I have my idea now, but it's going to take HOURS to write and upload. (And even then it's going to be terrible). I shall have a go at the weekend!

FN: I should like to write a lot of things about Fornasetti dirigibles, if only just to use the word 'dirigible', which is great. Also, as soon as the Googlebot next trawls through here, I believe 'Fornasetti dirigibles' will become a bona fide Googlewhack. Hurrah!

entropy said...

Sadly not a googlewhack. Some page headed "Christmas gifts for women" and something about teapots have already beaten the good ship Quinquireme to it.

Smat said...

Did you manage to see the first episode of the new series of Life on Mars? That should be worth a post or two!

patroclus said...

Hmm, Life on Mars series 2 has started, has it? Why does no one tell me these things UNTIL IT'S TOO LATE?