Friday, May 20, 2005

Petits Fours De Bonheur

I completely failed to start a fight at the tech industry dinner, mainly because I'd accidentally turned up in a silly 1960s-style minidress when everyone else was a) a man, b) over 50 and c) the CEO of Intel. I reckon I could have taken a few of them out with one or two well aimed petits fours, though.

H. thought Boris was the worst after dinner speaker she'd ever witnessed, and made her feelings known by slow clapping from the back of the room (sadly she stopped short of actual heckling). But as far as I'm concerned any after dinner speech that features Prometheus *and* Euripides is perfectly acceptable.

Got home to find that Mr P had whimsically purchased an indecently large 42" plasma screen TV, which'll be useful for when the next series of GW rolls around (eh, ladies?). Until then I guess it will just blot out the sun for a while and then get nicked.

Other than that, nothing to report except a rollercoaster of tumultuous thoughts and feelings that oscillate between wild excitement ("I'm going to chuck it all in, move to Finland, invent a completely new literary form and write the greatest prose the English-speaking world has ever known!") and miserable despair ("I'll probably just stay where I am, arracher tous les jours les petits lambeaux de bonheur* and never do anything that has any value whatsoever.")

Perhaps I should put it to a vote. Finland or bust?

* I hope I've remembered this correctly. It's been a long time. UPDATE: I didn't. But I like my version better.


Merkin said...

Is the vote still open?

Bust, please.

patroclus said...

Thanks Merkin, but sadly I went with the former option.

Merkin said...

Oh well. Can I have both, then?

patroclus said...

If you insist - I refer you to my picture for the latter option.

Anonymous said...

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