Sunday, May 22, 2005

Dear Old Venny

Well so far, Venezuela could be anywhere, although the palatibility of the butter (which is as good a guide as any) dictates that this isn't the First World, yet neither is it quite the Third World (never, ever contemplate eating the butter in sub-Saharan Africa). And the breakfast pastries were filled with meat, in a kind of worrying croissant/Cornish pasty crossover act. Hmm, I'm never going to get that travel writing job on the Sunday Times, am I?

Which reminds me, if some Black Books fan could kindly remind me of what Jason the Travel Writer said about Venezuela I'd be eternally grateful.

Lastly, I am finally reading The Alexandria Quartet (when in South America, read a book about Egypt, etc). I fear it may be the literary equivalent of "Nature Boy" by Nick Cave. In a metaphorical kind of way. Not because anyone in it dresses up in a deep sea diver's suit or gets up against the pink and purple wisteria. Ahem.


Fizzy good said...


I don't remember what he said about Venezuela actually. Damn it. I cut off my feet in penance.

cello said...

Ha! You'll be amazed at what Merrick gets up to by the end.

And I thought Jason only talked about Borneo, though I'm sure you look just like a Venezuelan goddess. Hang on I'll just go and check ............... .............

Fizzy good said...

Borneo is, of course, in Asia.

cello said...

..............Good God, you're right. How many times exactly did you watch that ep?

Apparently, you must make sure you go to the southern swamps, not the tourist swamps in the north. And how many shag-bags have you bothered to take?

Fizzy good said...

I remembered the tourist swamps but forgot they were in Venezuela. It's these bleddy foreign places, you know, all the same to me.

If you pause and zoom on Fran's list of things to take it's quite amusing; one of them is 'glitter', I believe.

Everybody's done this already, haven't they? Obviously. Humph and twice humph.

patroclus said...

Thanks so much for that cello - it had been bothering me quite a lot.

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