Wednesday, April 05, 2006

And Flaming Torches

Woohoo - Chicago here I come!



LC said...

I saw Art Brut at a free gig at the Tate a while ago, they were pretty good, although the small audience was full of impossibly cool people who I wanted to murder in a variety of horrific and brutal ways.

I think the lead singer used to be Carter USM or something.

patroclus said...

Indeed - a cursory skip round the internet reveals that Fruitbat from Carter USM joined them onstage for that very gig.

Ooh, I feel a whole series of tragic Carter USM anecdotes coming on...

Spinsterella said...

Tragically uncool Carter USM and the uber-hip Art Brut - together?

I love that Art Brut song about not being able to get it up. Especially the bit where he shouts "Don't tell your friends!"

Um, anyhow, what I meant to say was - I'm very jealous about the Chicago Festival.

occasional poster of comments said...

Have fun! I'm bright green with envy.

At least, I *hope* that's what's causing it.

occasional poster of comments said...

>>Have fun! <<

Erm... in July, that is. Hadn't looked at the dates, not being able to go and all [sulks]. For some reason I just assumed you'd been all spontaneous and departure was imminent.

patroclus said...

Thanks OPC. I certainly intend to enjoy it, come July.

Carter USM anecdote no. 1: When I was - ahem - backstage at the Reading Festival in 1991 (the one at which a then-largely-unknown Nirvana played lower down the bill than shoegaze legends Chapterhouse), I was knocked off my feet by the aforementioned Fruitbat, who was running to get onstage. This was the most exciting thing that happened to me backstage, sadly.