Wednesday, February 01, 2006

His Shadow Is Cast Wherever He Stands

Ohhh, if only I had time to tell you just how unutterably brilliant last night's Nick Cave solo gig was. But sadly I have too much junk mail to write and too many meetings to go to.


Dave again said...

It must have taken longer to think up the title than to write your entry today (it certainly took me longer to understand it, but then it's my day off, so brain has been put into rest mode).

frangelita said...

I do not accept this work excuse for not blogging. Tell us now!

patroclus said...

Dave, I can't claim credit for the title, I'm afraid. Also, much as I like it, I think I might change it, as I've thought of an apposite lyric.

Spinsterella said...

I spotted what looked like a recent photo of Cave in the Colston Hall last night. He looked, just slightly, like he'd filled out a bit round the chops.

Pray tell, he hasn't gone, like fat on us, has he?

patroclus said...

No, no, rest assured he's as cadaverous as ever. But he is sporting a nice porno 'tache these days, which apparently saved his marriage. I dread to think.

NB I am commenting live from my own doorstep - I may have locked myself out, but I can still pick up my own wi-fi network. God bless the internet!

Bloody cold though.

occasional poster of comments said...

Unutterably brilliant is absolutely right. I was grinning like an idiot all the way through. Most unlike me.

And Nick's new guitar was a fun surprise. Was it just me, or did you find it oddly touching when he said it was a Christmas present? The little bashful note of self-consciousness.

Anyway, it was a pleasure to meet you in person, P.

I trust you're now snug in your burrow?

Ah, the number of times I've locked myself out. Erm, three actually. I owe thanks to variously: a bit of card, a coathanger, and someone passing by with a ladder(?!). Forgetting to lock your windows kind of helps too.

cello said...

Pleased to have confirmation that you two actually managed to link up. I thought Occasional Poster might have followed the style of his blog and just been a big empty space in a mysterious and enigmatic way.

patroclus said...

Well hello there OPC. I am thankfully back in my burrow, thanks to the Stalking Neighbour having let me in this morning.

There were so many top bits of that concert. Like when Nick (we're on first names terms now) says: "Here's a song about extreme sexual conflict, and, er, shit like that." And: "This song is quite apocalyptic, but at the same time quite sweet". It was all just great. And it was lovely to meet you too!