Wednesday, July 24, 2002


Got my essay "What are the key recent trends in the transformation of the global media market?" back today from my tutor. He gave me 68% but refused to mark the paragraphs about the DMCA, Napster, Dmitry Sklyarov et al. Clearly, by "recent trends", what he actually meant was "trends from the 1980s". Still, this is an improvement on my last essay, which he refused to mark altogether. Apparently he has got e-mail at home now (welcome to the 1990s mate), so I can step up my flame war with him.

Anyway, Lordy, this is a blog and therefore one is supposed to link to things. Unfortunately I have spent the day swotting up on the forthcoming International Accounting Standards for work, and you sure as mustard don't want me to link to any of that. Instead, here's my Dad's site, which is all about his book about living in the Languedoc. You can buy a copy from him. Or pick it up in Nimes airport. And other good bookshops located in rural airports in the Languedoc.

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