Tuesday, July 23, 2002

How It All Began

Deep breath...hope this works!

This blog will be more or less dedicated to an exploration of the effects of Telewest on modern society, as represented by H. and me. Currently, H. and I are in the study. H. is posting rabid libertarian agit-prop on the This is London chat forum from the PC, I am blogging this blog from my laptop, the Delgados are playing on the PC. In the living room, the TV is playing the Simpsons to itself with the sound turned off.

In other Telewest-related news, last night's BBC4 documentary about tragic Linear B-deciphering genius Michael Ventris inspired me for about 30 seconds to resume my attempt to decipher the Pictish symbols and revive the lost Pictish language. Went to bed with W.A. Cummins' The Picts and Their Symbols but fell asleep straightaway. H. says that I'm just not obsessive enough.

Phew. I hope all those links worked out. I'm a bit new to all this.


Sean McManus said...

Yes, the links and everything else worked out okay. Happy fifth blog birthday!

Sean McManus said...

Er... sixth. Sorry.