Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Caption Competition

Yes, well done, it's the coat of arms of Richard the Lionheart (inventor of the bottomless scrubs), but are these really a pair of fearsome 'lions combatant', as heraldic parlance has it, or is it more a case of two really quite camp lions who've run into each other unexpectedly in the street?

Please leave your suggestions for what these two lions might be saying in the comments box. I have the ship's artist on standby to execute the best suggestions in the medium of pixel on light-emitting-diode...

UPDATE: Stand by everyone, for we have two winners! The ship's artist has been briefed, and the glorious victors will soon be immortalised in a new blog post...

(Image shamelessly appropriated from the Wikipedia entry here, although the circumstances are so morally ambiguous that I cannot quite think of it as theft*.)

* Which is clearly the best excuse ever for nicking something, and I plan to use it all the time, thanks Boris.


Dave said...

Oh, I appear to be first. That means I could post something so witty that everyone else will be crushed and withdraw from the competition with their tails between their legs.

I could do that, but it would be cruel, and spoil all the fun.

So I shan't. Give the little people a chance, I say.

Anonymous said...

Is the one on the right saying: 'I said I'd be wearing this'?

Albert said...

Obviously the one on the left is saying 'One can has cheezeburger?' as they approach each other on the highway while riding invisible penny farthings.

LOLlions, you see.

Anonymous said...

Champion lion dancers get back home and swing?

James said...

How about "grrrrrr"

Or... maybe one lion says to the other "I can't believe we both still remember the dance steps after all these years".

Or... one lion says to the other "I can't believe how humiliating this is, stood in these pathetic poses just so Patroclus can run her stupid caption competition."

Or... one lion says to the other "It has never been the same since Roary left, and we lost that English coat of arms gig"

james henry said...


Sean McManus said...

1st: Since the Discovery Channel, it's not enough to just be a lion at the zoo. Oh, no! we've got to be morris dancing lions at the zoo.

2nd: There's no business like show business. Sob.

Yo, my mane man!

Why did they put a mirror in the gym? I look totally gay.

It's awfully ticklish having tomatoes growing out your arse.

patroclus said...

Ooh, these are great! For my own part (although I did sort of steal the premise from Mr BC's forthcoming teen drama series - I don't think that's giving too much away, though):

Lion 1: Whee! These cocktails are FABULOUS!

Lion 2: Ooh, they've made your tongue go blue!

Lion 1: Your tongue's gone blue too!

Lion 2: Woo! High five!

Lion 1: You're my best mate!

Boz said...

"Hot floor! Hot floor!"

patroclus said...


james henry said...

Patroclus and I both just LOLed at Boz's comments at the same time from different rooms.

Christopher Campbell-Howes said...

'Я дядя!'
'А я тётя!'
'А я дядя!'
'А я тётя!'
'А я дядя!'

patroclus said...

Ya dyadya!

A Ya Tyotya!

Crikey, whatever could it mean?

Occasional Poster of Comments said...

Lion 1: I said rampant, not campant.
Lion 2: Ha! You can talk.


Lion 1: Hope they edit out the trampoline, or this coat of arms is just going to look silly.
Lion 2: Wheeee!

Billy said...

Why do lions get to be on coats of arms and not, say, voles? Or pine martens?

Billy said...

Oooh Cyrillic...

james henry said...

My (now-deceased) Grandad paid to have a family coat-of-arms made up. It depicted a pelican.

I suspect it's too late to change it.

Valerie said...

"Dahling! What did I tell you about that Richard L mani-pedi? Scrumptious, isn't it!"

"Yes — but those breath mints by the register, really have to stay away from those in the future... honestly, my tongue is just tingling."

Dave said...

I have a tie with a pelican on it.

It's the coat of arms of some mutual insurance company or the other. The pelican in myth cares for its young to the extent of providing its own blood if no food is available. Hence it is a symbol of self-sacrifice (and the eucharist).

So James' grandfather isn't the first to have used its noble imagery.

Tim Footman said...

Lion 1: "Have you heard? That Patroclus wandered round Asda with no pants on."

Lion 2: "The slaaag."

patroclus said...

OPC: Ooh, I like that 'rampant not campant' one.

Billy: I bet there *are* coats of arms with voles on...I may make it my mission this afternoon to find one. Or failing that, make one.

James: We should *so* have an escutcheon made up - it'll look delightful above the front door.

Valerie: Ha, I'd been looking for a way to get the matching blue nails in - excellent!

Dave: For some reason the pelican is also symbolic of safe crossing of the road - an activity at which I do not particularly excel, it has to be said.

Tim: I should like to make it known that I have pants on today. Sensible ones, at that. None of that fancy velvet and guipure-laden French stuff that I used to be so fond of. (Sigh.)

LC said...

Lion 1 "Oh no she didn't!"

Lion 2 "Don't go there girlfriend!"

GreatSheElephant said...


or alternatively
High four or (if they are from Norfolk) high six

mary said...

@All that matters is that we are dancing'

Stolen from a 'Survival' coffee mug.