Thursday, November 23, 2006

Song Of The Week

Hmm, I haven't had a Song Of The Week for months, so this is probably more like Song Of The Ortem Time. And a fine song for ortem time it is too, being a lovely, contemplative alt-folky song about falling in love with the light in the morning after the night.

Apparently it's a cover of a song by Psychic TV, but that doesn't really mean anything to me; it's just nice:

Califone - The Orchids (mp3)


Dave again said...

Hurrah! Something new for my collection.

You have prompted me to do something like this (well, not like this at all, actually) early next week.

Betty said...

I left this one on in the background while I did a bit of tidying, then twenty minutes later I though "bloody hell, this one goes on a bit". I thought it was in the style of one of those interminable droning pscychedelic mantras favoured by 60's festival bands.

Then I looked back at the screen, saw that it was only two and a half minutes long, and realised that I'd been listening to it on repeat, with the end flowing seamlessly back into the beginning.

I'm off to have some more painkillers.

patroclus said...

Haha, that made me laugh. I wouldn't have thought it would be your kind of thing, Betty. I always thought Psychic TV were a punk band, so either they weren't, or this is one of those covers that diverges so much from the original that it might as well be a song in its own Lambchop's cover of 'This Corrosion'...which I haven't heard for ages and ages...ooh.

*scurries off to iTunes*

Dave again said...

Re Betty's comment:

a. I've found that's true of every tune I've downloaded from Pat - unless I'm actually watching the screen, I can never tell when they've finished. perhaps I ought to turn off automatic repeat.

b. Twenty minutes tidying? What are you, a fanatic or something? You'll only have to do it all again next year.

patroclus said...

I was given to believe in the early 1980s that we would have robots to do the housework by now.

Hmm, but this gives me an idea...maybe I could start scrolling my blog posts again from the beginning. Saves me writing anything new, and it'll be a good four and a half years before the same one comes round again. No one will ever notice, mwahahahaa!

Dave again said...

Men have already invelted dishwashers, food processing devices, hoovers; what more do you women want?

*goes and hides under desk*

**feels he should point out that, as a single man, he does do his own housework. At least once a year.**

Dave again said...

'invelted' Interesting word, given that the 'n' key is nowhere near the 'l' I think I must blame this on the thick layer of dust on the keyboard, rather than typos.

Anonymous said...

dave, here you are being controversial again. Vicars, eh!

Spinsterella said...

Well I am vaguely aware of Psychic TV and I seem to recall that they are certainly a bit noisey.

All I really know about them is that their singer is called Genesis P-Orridge or something like that and I often get him confused with that other bloke who used to defecate on stage. GG Allen?

Anyhow - sorry about that.

patroclus said...

UPDATE: Listening to Lambchop 'not advisable' when feeling all alone in a foreign country. Damn that Kurt Wagner and his melancholy voice and depressing songs.

I'm going to put S-Club 7 on now.

Spinsterella said...


Anyhow, I forgot to say that 'Ortem Time' made me laugh, even though I didn't know what it was, so I googled and it took me to pEANUT!

Which made me laugh even more, of course.

patroclus said...

Ah yes, the ortem time features heavily in PEANUT's masterwork 'The Cosmick Pincushern of Len Ibis'.

I think it's what they call 'pathetic fallacy', although I can't remember now what (if anything) that means.

Marsha Klein said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who can't remember what "pathetic fallacy" means. During the recent TV series about the Romantic poets, I dug out my copy of "Lyrical Ballads", ready to appreciate its contents anew. The margins were full of annotations. One of these read "This is an example of pathetic fallacy". I put the book away again.

Nice tune, by tne way.

Billy said...

Psychic TV went all acid house at one point. Can't listen to this until next week so I don't know if this helps.

Annie said...

I saw Psychic TV once, I think it was in ULU. Most of the audience invaded the stage and everyone got their kit off, including the band.

Valerie said...

What a journey you just took me on.

How to explain.

Hearing that song again, even in a cover, the loveliest song off of Psychick Television's Dreams Less Sweet... Damn lovely song.

The first of this year, a dear friend of mine died in a freak accident. He had introduced me to PTV back in the late '80s, and had become the head of the North American TOPY (Temple of Psychick Youth), a mystic society started by members of PTV. I have a copy of Dreams Less Sweet that he taped for me. For complex reasons the tape insert is spattered with blood and the tape no longer plays very well.

And I ramble. But the song is beautiful (unlike a lot of PTV), and the cover a good one.

On another topic, I spent the drive to and from Los Angeles today getting Rob addicted to Husky Rescue. Thanks again for that pointer.

patroclus said...

Marsha: I looked it up and I was wrong. Pathetic fallacy (for anyone who wants to know, or once knew and has forgotten) is when you describe inanimate objects as experiencing human emotions. Like 'the hillside heaved a sigh of relief as Wotsit and That Other One decided they weren't going to blast a huge hole in the side of it in a stupid attempt to unearth the Last Resting Place of Jesus after all'.

It's a good thing I never finished that novel I started.

Actually I never even started a novel. Onwards!

Billy: I think you might be right; Wikipedia says they went through all sorts of phases and styles.

Annie: Oo, now this is the sort of anecdote I like. Did you join in? Not enough degenerate behaviour takes place at popular music concerts for my liking - at least not the ones I go to. I once saw the Moonflowers supporting Blur (when they first appeared on the scene) in the Bristol Bierkeller, and they all had their kit off as well. Or perhaps, seeing as I'm so short I can never see what's happening onstage at gigs, I just imagined this whole thing.

Valerie: I'm sorry about your friend. But good lord, that's a whole autobiography's worth of memoirs stuffed into just one comment. I really think you should set up another blog to tell all your stories. It would be great.

Valerie said...

Nah, I prefer using up the comment space on your blog.


Seriously, I've thought about starting a blog blog, ya know, as in separate from my knitting blog, which is boring as bread for all the non-knitters.

Instead, though, I suppose I end up working bits of life into my crime novels (unpublished, natch) and short stories (much better luck with these)...

You're up early. {yawn} either that or I should get to sleep. (-8:00 GMT here)

Anonymous said...

This was nice. Yes. Maybe a bit droney.

patroclus said...

Yes, I think I'm in a bit of a droney mood at the moment. Mind you, last week it was epic Norwegian space disco, so it was time for a change.

The Curve said...

If it is drone you are after check out the beautiful Stars of the Lid. The sound of ship board containers creaking on the ocean.

Anonymous said...

Genesis P Orridge has recently acquired a very impressive set of bosums. I saw a picture somewhere, very alarming.

Valerie said...

Ugh, realdoc is right about Genesis P. He was already ugly; this really, really doesn't help.