Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Was It Rob Newman Or Antigone Who Said

"Is this it? Am I supposed to just...go on living?"

Whichever it was, the answer is "That's about the sum of it."

Thank you, Channel 4, for bringing so much comedy into my life.

In other news, I can sensationally reveal that the new Dr Who will be played by Davros. In order to exterminate himself, Davros/Who will be forced to trap himself in a place that Daleks can easily access, but where the only exit is down a flight of stairs. Namely, the first floor of Marks & Spencers on Kensington High Street. Teatime sci-fi was never so reflexive. Or British.


nibus said...

That was *my* idea. What I'd like to know is what Davros has got under his knobbly skirt. Buns, probably.

patroclus said...

Buns, and the Ark of the Covenant.

Pashmina said...

Ah-HA! This is where you're hiding out now. Honestly, all this blog-hopping is putting my head into a spin.

Do you mind very much if I link to you, or would you rather be left in peace?

patroclus said...

By all means Pashmina. This is in fact where I've been hiding out since 2002. Give or take a few gaps. Of a couple of years or so. By all means link to me, but oh, the pressure, that means I'll have to write stuff, and things.

Pashmina said...

I did rather think Quinquireme was in retirement - and was saddened (also confused, which happens easily) by the departure of Truncheon Voucher/Meat. However delighted to see you're back in business, even if not currently as a double-act.

Last thing I'd want to do is apply undue writing pressure, I suspect you have quite enough of that already. May pop by now and then and wave instead.

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